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A workers' compensation lawyer who protects workers' rights in Cincinnati, OH

We want to see justice done

If there's one thing that a workers' compensation lawyer in Cincinnati, OH must do, it's understand the workers' compensation laws of Ohio, making sure they are fully followed in order to see justice done. Attorney Eugene J. Stagnaro applies his knowledge and 40+ years of experience to every case our firm undertakes. He has years of experience in making sure companies meet their legal obligations to their employees. We are proud of taking care of:
-All Hearings and Appeals
-Temporary Total Disability
-Permanent Total Disability
-Permanent Partial Disability
-Occupational Disease
-Wage Loss Benefits
-Amputation Injuries
-Death Claims

For a confidential consultation, come and see us in Cincinnati. Our firm is dedicated to fighting for you!
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Workplace injuries

If you have been injured on the job in the Cincinnati area or in the state of Ohio, a reliable workers' compensation lawyer can provide you with effective legal representation. You deserve a settlement that will handle your current and future medical bills, as well as addressing your ability to work now and in the future. Eugene J. Stagnaro gives easy-to-understand legal advice that will allow you to make informed decisions about your workers' compensation case.

Exposure to toxins 

Some workplace injuries occur over time. Exposure to toxins, such as dangerous chemicals, mold, or asbestos, can result in illness, even years after you've stopped working. Even though these conditions may be less visible, they are often extremely damaging. Workers' compensation lawyer Eugene J. Stagnaro can file a workers' compensation claim if your employer knowingly made you work in an unsafe environment that led to injury or illness. Our Cincinnati firm is passionate about seeing that justice is done for our clients.

Adjusted claims

Eugene J. Stagnaro understands that sometimes an injury or condition can change, resulting in a greater level of disability. If you need a claim adjusted after a settlement was reached, or if you simply need to file notice so that you can make a claim at a later time, our firm can help. Our workers' compensation lawyer is here to offer experience and advice to help you gain everything the law says you're entitled to.
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